Design for Entertainment Industry

This showcases my experience in art direction, design, brand management, photo retouching, packaging, digital art and print production.

Those familiar with the production of a trading card set know each set consists of over 100 cards, their packaging, ads, marketing materials, approval process with film studios and their licensing departments. Each trading card set has numerous themes to be designed and conceptualized. Logos, color schemes, print techniques such as foil stamping, embossing, puzzle design and more.

Some trading cards sets I was completely in charge of the brand, design, and overall look from concept to completion.

Other card sets I worked on as a part of a team, maintaining and expanding on established brand and working within set guidelines and solidifying the brand’s integrity.

 The above galleries are just a small sample of the thousands I have designed over the years. Many cards need to be seen in real life for their print techniques. Contact me and I will gladly show you and discuss in more detail.

For a more in depth look at these please see the Extended gallery.